December 14-18

The buzz in Room 615!

Last Week

Reading/Writing - We really began to emphasize how to read/write words with long vowels in them. Monday started with a simple introduction of long vowels and trying to hear them in words, and Friday ended with learning that a "momma e" (aka magic e) at the end of words makes the other vowel say its name. We practiced writing this as well as reading books with many long vowels in them and highlighting what we saw. We'll continue this a little bit next week and pick back up with it after break.

In writing, we also authored and illustrated our own "Dear Zoo" books after reading the original. Everyone came up with some very creative and adorable reasons for returning animals to the zoo before settling for their favorite.

Math - Addition strategies were in full swing this week! We learned that we can use our fingers, tallie marks, draw pictures, use a number line or simply do mental math to solve addition problems. The number line was tricky for some people, so we'll practice more with that next week!

Fun game to try at home:

One of our groups played a challenging game in small groups during math. Two people took a turn at a time, each writing a number down on a dry erase board so that everyone but the other person could see. The other students in the group told them the sum of their numbers, then they had to guess each other's number. It's a simple addition game that really makes the brain work in a different way! You could add a competitive edge by making it a race to see who guesses the other person's number first.

Social Studies - The week got crazier as it went on, especially in this area. We began talking about the upcoming Christmas Around the World and made our special suitcases for our travels. Everyone got to color the flags of the countries they'll be visiting and put them on, so we're ready to go!

Nutcracker Trip - We were a great audience for the Nutcracker ballet on Thursday! The dancers were wonderful and even interacted with some of our students beforehand. I forgot to get a picture of the whole class all dressed up, but there are a few pictures below from the trip. :)


Looking Forward

The Week Ahead

Most of next week will be spent focusing on holiday celebrations and winding down a little before we head off for winter break. We will still be spending some time working on addition, long vowel sounds, and practicing our reading and writing skills. There will be no official homework this week or over break, but please be sure to read and work with your child as much as you can so that their brain can stay in tip top shape! :)


1. Christmas Around the World - Monday/Tuesday

Kindergarten will be conducting Christmas Around the World days on Monday, December 14th and Tuesday the 15th. During these days, all classes will rotate between each Kindergarten classroom to travel to a new country for some holiday celebrations. Our class's country is Brazil. It will be a ton of fun!

3. Class Party - Wednesday

Our Christmas class party will be Wednesday, December 16th. Most of the morning will be spent working in stations where the students will get to do various crafts and activities related to the holidays. We will not be having a big lunch in our room like we did for Thanksgiving, but families are welcome to join us at our regular lunch time for a special treat!

After our stations are completed, we will be taking part in a class book exchange. Here's how it will work: Every student will bring in a book, wrapped and ready to give as a gift. This book should NOT be a new one purchased for this occasion - it can be an old book, one you have two copies of, one your child is no longer interested in, etc. (One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?) On the day of our party, we will play music, read a little story, and do the exchange. This way, everyone will get to receive a gift from a classmate without having to spend money.

Tips for picking a book to give:

- Make it as gender-neutral as possible

- Pick a book that your child won't miss too much

- Make sure it is in decent condition (minor wear and tear is okay!)

4. Polar Express Day - Thursday

On Thursday the 17th, all students can come to school in their PJs, ready to climb aboard the Polar Express! We will be spending a good part of the day watching the movie and eating popcorn as a special treat before we leave for break. :)

I have attached a GoogleDoc below for signups to send in a few things we will need to make this week as fun and successful as possible. It includes sugar cookies (must be pre-packaged), icing, sprinkles, flour, and a special treat for everyone at lunch on our party day. Thanks in advance!