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Week of March 3, 2014

Reader's Workshop

This week we will start looking into biographies for a brief unit introduction. We will be discovering what is important to look for when you first begin a biography. Because of the busy nature of the week, we will continue our biography unit after spring break.

Please note that some of the homework menu choices will need to wait until Tuesday night. Our biography intro lesson will be Tuesday, and the kids may need to wait until Tuesday evening to complete those choices with the correct knowledge background from class.

Also please note that some of the choices on the menu require an "attached passage." I asked the students in class today to consider whether or not they needed the passage. They were instructed to come pick one up if they felt as though they might choose a menu choice that required the selection. If they were not interested in that menu choice, they may not have picked up a passage. If you and your child realize you need one, please remind your child to pick one up from the extra homework chart in our classroom.

Writer's Workshop

We will finish our second personal narrative prompt based piece this week. I am using the first piece (completed about 2 weeks ago) to meet in one-on-one conferences with each student. In the conference, we are looking at each step in the writing process and how well your child completed each part. I am writing notes for them to use to improve their next piece.

I have to say that the level of writing for all the students is improving! They are also really understanding how to connect their ideas to a prompt using the proper strategies. They will need this skill to do well on the composition section of the STAAR test... which is less than a month away!

Below, you will see a graphic called "ARMS and CUPS." This is our revising and editing strategy and I have seen it work so well. Please encourage your child to look at this at home because they will not have access to it on the testing days. We are practicing it several times in class, but the more they are familiar with it, the better!

Important Information


  • Math Benchmark
  • 1st grade Musical Dress Rehearsal at 2:00


  • 1st grade Musical Performance at 6 pm


  • Brown Bag #7