New Species Found

scientists discover new species while exploring Pandora


Discovered by Caitlyn East

Found on Pandora while a group of scientists were exploring the new terrain

  • the prolemuris is blue-green in color and has no feathers or any hair type
  • breathes through nostrils and additional hole near shoulder area
  • hexopodal ( 6 legs )
  • heterotrophic ( mainly an herbivore, but also known to eat insects occasionally )
  • predators include banshees and viperwolves

additional information

  • large, binocular-like eyes
  • ape-like skull with fleshy snout
  • small nostrils and jaw
  • teeth are needle sharp
  • membranous wing flaps
  • can reach over 1.5 meters tall
  • habitat is rain forest canopy
  • considered a delicacy in some Na'vi clans