Timothy House Student Council

Elections November 6th 2012

5th Graders are taking ACTION

During 5th Grade's unit of inquiry "Leadership", students discovered how leaders emerge from different situations in order to affect change. They decided that they too, want to have a voice in Timothy House. They have the vision to make changes for the students of the lower school, and they are ready to take on a leadership role.

Voting for a President and a Vice President

How it works

1. Students interested in running for President/Vice President (girl/boy pairs) make speech to 5th grade and teachers by 25th Oct. 2012

2. Voting takes place to find 3 pairs of candidates on 30th Oct. 2012

3. Campaigning week begins from 31st Oct. 2012

4. Election Day 6th Nov. 2012 (3rd, 4th and 5th grade eligible to vote)