Summer Reading

Meghan Van Ness

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I think this is what brusier looks like

In the book, Bronte defined him as tall and scrawny. While they were at the pool with him and Cody his brother, she discovered the bruises all over his back, hence the name Bruiser. Bronte brother Tennyson found out he lives in small house with his brother and his uncle. he wears worn down clothes and he keeps to himself.

The Ideal vacations i think bruiser would go is...

I think these three places are the ideal vacations because for the first date with Bronte they went in the forest for a picnic. he really likes Bronte and he likes to be alone in solitude. This would be a perfect places for him because he likes nature and to be alone and these places would be perfect.

The three items that bruiser would take is...

One his brother Cody because he cares for Cody more than anyone. He would also take bronte because other than his brother he cares for her that he gave up his life for her. the final object he would bring is Tennyson that's like his only family he has.