Dog Food

You should feed your dog because they need to eat like you. you should feed your dog,dog food not human food. You may give dry food. You can give your dog two scoops of food each day. Some dogs prefer wet food. You should give your dog water so your dog can stay hydrated. you should change the water each day. You mostly want to give then water not milk, cats drink milk.

Playing With Your Dog

You can play games with your dog by throwing a frisbee. you also can throw a kong. dogs love Kong's. You can play tug a war. Your dog feels loved. your dog will have fun. It gives your dog exercise. I am writing this so your dog wont lie down all day. Dogs love to play. Dogs love you. You can throw a small ball that fits in the dogs mouth.


Giving Your Dog a Bath

What you need:

  • dog shampoo
  • water
  • towels


1.Get your dog wet

2. Put the shampoo on the dog

3 Rinse the dog

4. Dry the dog

You should wash your dog so it doesn't smell and it can be clean.

Brushing your dog

1. you need a dog brush

start by brushing the dogs back

then brush the tail

and the pawls

and by the face

and belly

brush once a week

So your dog doesn't get matts in their hair

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Dog wedsite

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Dogs Playing Video
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