Stop Bullying!

By: Kaleb Gidley

How bullying effects people.

Bullying can make people mentally and physically hurt. They could get attacked by the bully. People can commit suicide from being bullied so much. They will be depressed more, and have anxiety.


Questions I asked.

Q. Why was Christina being bullied? What did she do to get bullied? Support your answers with details from the story.

A. She was being bullied because of how she dressed. She started to get called names by boys. Once she started dressing differently she lost all of her friends.

Q. What could she have done to stop it? How could she avoid the bullies? Support your answers with details from the story.

A2. She could have told someone sooner and told her mom to help with it, although her mom did help i feel it wasn't soon enough. She said it went on for two years and that is to long.

Christina's Story

Christina Wagner was a normal girl in sixth grade. When she started to dress differently she started being bullied by a boy. It went one and more people started to buly her. She lost all of her friends in the whole school all because of how she dressed.