Rabbi Fohrman Lecture Series

Saturday Nights 7 pm. At the Young Israel of Woodmere

Man of Truth? The Struggle of Yaakov and Eisav

Yaakov is always called a man of truth, but how accurate is that depiction? Someone who tricks his father, pretending to be his brother...even if these acts are justified in some way -- how could we characterize them as truthful? Join Rabbi Fohrman in this live series of lectures, and delve more deeply into the story of Yaakov and Esav -- and explore what integrity is really about.

A Series of Live, in-person, lectures with Rabbi David Fohrman

Saturday Nights at 7PM

at the Young Israel of Woodmere

Begins November 9th

Free and Open to the Public

Lectures will also be made available online at www.alephbeta.org

Click Here to Watch a Short Trailer for the Series

Rabbi David Fohrman

Rabbi Fohrman is the principal educator at Aleph Beta Academy, where he seeks to teach Torah that is relevant and meaningful. He is an internationally renowned lecturer on Biblical themes. Rabbi Fohrman has served as an adjunct professor at the Johns Hopkins University, and as a lead writer and editor for ArtScroll's Talmud translation project. He is author of "The Beast that Crouches at the Door," finalist for the 2007 National Jewish Book Award, and "The Queen You Thought You Knew. " Rabbi Fohrman spent his childhood years in the San Francisco Bay Area - where he reveled in the opportunity to hike in Yosemite National Park. He currently lives in Woodmere, NY with his wife and children (but is still game to head back to Yosemite at a moment's notice).