News from 4th Grade

Week of 3/20 - 3/24

News at a Glance

  • We have paused our normal Journey's curriculum to start preparing for the PSSAs.
  • Reading PSSAs will be the week of April 3rd
  • Math PSSAs will be the week of April 24th
  • Science PSSAs will be the week of May 1st.
  • See below if you are interested in donating snacks to our room for testing.
  • We will have a Mother's Day/Father's Day breakfast on May 25th at 8am in the cafeteria

What we're learning this week


This week we will continue with our PSSA prep! This will include us taking practice tests, practice essays, discussion of answers, and partner practice. Most prep will be done through Google Classroom.


Data Analysis: This week we are beginning to learn about Representing and Interpreting Data. It will include problem solving using line plots, bar graphs, tables, charts and pictographs.

This year is a bit different from last, in that data will include fractions with common denominators. This will include adding and subtracting fractions using data sets as well.

Homework: Homework will go home on Monday and it will be another column sheet to review skills learned from this year. Students are welcome to complete the homework pages early, however I do check them every day.

Fluency: Although we no longer have weekly fluency quizzes, students are still taking weekly timed "math minutes." They are expected to make progress with each week so continue to practice your facts at home and use Reflex!


This week we will continue our Electricity unit, while focusing on Insulators and Conductors. With this, the students will work in small groups to make a flashlight! They will be encouraged to bring items from home to make their flashlight!


Opinion Writing: We are continuing our 5 paragraph opinion piece essay on whether we think zoos are cool or cruel. We have researched both sides of the opinion and are now working on our rough drafts with a focus on a topic sentence with supporting details.

PSSA Prep: We are also working on short response and essay response questions for the PSSAs. This includes using our strategies to completely answer the question with supporting details from the text!

Mother's Day/Father's Day Breakfast

Thursday, May 25th, 8-8:45pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

This year, 4th grade will be hosting a Mother's Day/Father's Day breakfast in the cafeteria at 8am. Parents are encouraged to come have breakfast with their child before school. Stay tuned for a sign-up for donating breakfast items. Just wanted to send this out ASAP so you can save the date!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

PSSAs - What Can I Do to Help?

Providing Snacks

The testing periods are very long and sometimes overwhelming for our students. Other teachers have told me that students greatly enjoy having snacks before their testing. This helps to make sure they are full and ready to concentrate before taking their test.

We would greatly appreciate if you could donate an item for our snacks. All snacks are health(ish), and are able to be eaten despite braces, and retainers. Please use the sign-up link below if you are able to help! Thank you!

Motivational Letters

This week I will be sending home 3 brightly colored papers (one for math, one for reading and one for science). If you would like, we would love if you could write a motivational/love note to your child I will give it to them in the morning of their first day of testing in that subject area. Please just put the papers back in the folder and return it with your child to school.
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Thank you so much to Mr. and Mrs. Kishel (Mac's parents) who Facetimed us today from the Eiffel Tower!! It was a very cool sight to see and a great learning experience!!