Welcome to Third Grade!

Mrs. Loewen

Sunday - June 5, 2016


Welcome to our classroom Smore page! Here you will see what we did in class this week, we we have planned for next week, and some other important tidbits!

Great Week!

What a fabulous week we had here in third grade! I enjoyed my time with your children! The Evergreen Farmer's Market was a highlight for the kids. They sold out of their fruit infused water in about 1 hour. Our classroom made a nice profit of 73.00, thanks to the donations of the jars and fruit from the Ennis Family. Our classroom mom volunteers were the BEST! Braving the scorching heat for a few hours and being great sales mentors for the kids! After the market closed up, we had a sales and marketing debrief meeting, it was productive. Ask your kids about some of the ideas they came up with for next year's market.


  • Please remember to turn in your registration documents for next year.
  • Library is on Tuesday.
  • PE shoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Please remember to check the weather before sending your student to school. We have had some pretty warm days, but the rain has also been making an appearance.

This Week in Class

MATH: This week we continued work on measurement as a class. Students practiced solving volume. We also did some testing.

WRITING: We continued our fictional narrative unit this week. Students discussed how to use figurative language and added a couple of examples to our writing.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We learned more in depth about food webs and the transfer of energy to all living things. Students started discussing ecosystems.

OTHER: Famer's Market

Next Week in Class

MATH: Measuring time this week.

WRITING: We will continue working on our final draft of fictional narrative writing piece.

SCIENCE: Students will participate in an ecosystem project.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue learning about the regions of the United States.

OTHER: No homework packets this week. I may send home a few math sheets for homework throughout the week. Spelling is finished for the year. Vocabulary - WTW is finished for the year.

Upcoming Events

6/6: Mrs. Loewen's Class Launch Duty

6/10: Spirit Day - Sports Day

6/14: Cleaning Day

6/15: Field Day

6/15: Last Day of School! Dismissal at 12:00