nuestra clase de español 8

la clase de Profe Albrycht

¿Qué hacemos en clase ahora? ~ What are we up to in class now?

This week is Language Week at BSMS. Each day, we will be celebrating a different language with activities in class, and delicious food in the cafeteria.

Our current unit, Que te gusta hacer?, has also entered its second phase…while reviewing verbs and vocabulary related to the calendar and words of frequency, we are practicing our speaking skills with our Preguntas Criticas to get ready for the speaking portion of the final exam. We should be finished up by the end of this week and will take our test on March 16th or 17th.

Our next unit is….LA COMIDA! Yum!!

Thought of the day...

My goal is to ensure that your children are ready for the final exam…without anxiety or stress! Please encourage them to make flashcards on their smartphones, or make matching games out of their index cards, and to study for 10-15 minutes each night.