To texas!!!

By: Rebekah Swyers

The way to Texas

Where we are going

To any Anglo Americans out there who want to go to Texas now is your chance. I will be starting a new colony in the coastal Plains. The colony will start next to the Layaca river. Because the river is going to be so close we will have a constant and reliable water supply. The soil is rich and fertile. So the farming season will be long. There will be plenty of land for raising animals.

Great land low prices

How much land

A farmer will get 5,200 acres of land for himself. If he is married they will get an additional 3,000 acres. A rancher will get 4,500 acres of land for himself. They will also get an additional 3,000 acres of land.In my colony you can buy an acre of land for only $1.10
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Whats needed


If you want to settle down in my colony you are required to be catholic or to become catholic. To be loyal to Spain. And to also have a good moral character. If you don't stick to theses requirements you will not be able to join my colony. If you already have and you do not follow them you will be sent back to the country you can from.

Better than others

Great deal

My colony better than most because most other colony's will not have a water source that you can count on. Also The land here is better than most because it is close to the coast but not to close for the land to be to wet.

If you settle down here in Texas it will benefit in you in many ways because down here we are not over crowded and there is plenty of land to raise a large family on. You crops will grow nice and strong. Also there will be a lot of business for blacksmiths and ranchers.

Contact info

Rebekah Swyers

I will be taking care of all land purchases and requirements.