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October 30, 2018

2nd Six Weeks RC Grade Send

Just a quick reminder that the 2nd Report Card cuts off this Fri, Nov. 2. Grades will be due on Tue, Nov. 6th by 5 PM. Yes, it is seriously November later this week! Directions for loading grades can be found here and you may begin loading grades on Thursday.

Don't forget that an Incomplete counts the same as a failing grade for eligibility, so please make every effort to avoid incompetes!

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Snapshots in Aware

From here forward, Snapshot assessment results will be found under the Test Type “Snapshot Assessment” in AWARE. All the current Snapshots have been moved.

Also, when you want to print your Snapshots, it will be found in the same place (District Assessments) but it will be under the heading of Snapshot Assessment.

Cool New Google Trick

If you want to create a brand new Google doc, now all you have to do is go to the omnibox (The URL bar) and type in doc.new

This also works with sheet.new , slides.new , site.new and form.new !

Give it a try!

How to Change Your Password

Given the number of phishing emails that have been circulating, we have a lot of folks needing to do password resets. Here's how to do that:

On a school computer, please do Ctrl + Alt + Del and choose Change Password.

If you are at home and suddenly need to change your password, go to the staff portal (Go to the FISD website and click on Staff) and click on Account Management at the bottom of the page. Then click on the Change Password tile.

You may have to wait up to 30 minutes for the new changes to sync up to all the different platforms.

PC Laptop Error

Our kids have not been waiting for the PC laptops to completely shut down before they shut the lid and put them away. This creates a problem for the next yser who tries to login- they get an error message that tells them the computer is running low on resources.

So please remind students to WAIT for the computer to completely shut down and if you have kids who get the error message, tell them to power down completely and try again.

How to Print- for Students

If any of you would be willing to bring kids down to the library for a quick printing and book checkout orientation (maybe 15 minutes) we would love to have you! We are struggling with explaining the mysteries of Print Release to all of our students. Even Sophomores and Juniors still struggle with the process. They don't understand that they have to be logged in to the computer, not just Google, to print. They don't know they have to logout of computers after printing. They don't know that there are multiple printers that can be used to release their jobs.

There are of course instructions next to all six printing stations that explain how to print, but I am sure you are familiar with students' track records with reading instructions.

Please feel free to contact Ashley to schedule a SHORT orientation if you are assigning something where students need to print.

Spheros Gone Missing

We have had 2 Spheros disappear from the library. If you happen to have borrowed them or if you hear students discussing their whereabouts or if you see them rolling around somewhere, would you please let us now?