Every Mother Counts

...our collective small acts add up to make a big impact!

Exciting News to Announce!

Calling ALL Mothers, Sisters, Daughters...

I am thrilled and beyond excited the Stella & Dot foundation has partnered with Christy Turlington Burns and her charity, Every Mother Counts!

At our annual conference last week, Christy Turlington shared her personal story of hemorrhaging during her child birth and while she had all the doctors and tools necessary to save her and her child's life, she has learned that hundreds of thousands of women do not have access to the basic necessities to ensure a clean and healthy delivery. Leaving unthinkable numbers of babies motherless...even here in the U.S.

Through our partnership, we’ve created our chic ‘Enlighten Bracelet’ for only $39. All net proceeds will benefit all the programs Every Mother Counts supports:

1 bracelet - provides a woman transport to and from necessary health care.
5 bracelets - pays for a fetal Doppler to ensure safe pregnancy and delivery.
10 bracelets - educates a low-income woman on breastfeeding, nutrition and newborn care.
20 bracelets - buys essential medical equipment for midwifery students, pays for two prenatal visits for uninsured women, buys six birth kits for mothers-to-be.
50 bracelets - covers the necessary books, school supplies and teaching aids for midwifery students.
100 bracelets - trains a skilled birth attendant through a one-year program.
200 bracelets - buys a 'solar suitcase' that will deliver otherwise unavailable electricity for lights and equipment in rural health facilities.

Christy's passion that inspired her to start "Every Mother Counts", a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, really spoke to me as a mother! Yes…it brought me to tears, AND it fired me up and made me determined to sell 200 of our Enlighten Bracelets to partner with this mission! No wonder Christy Turlington is on TIME's 2014 list of 100 most influential people in the world! The work she is doing is amazing! We are so lucky to have access to so many great services, however there are millions who do not.

When a child is born, a mother is also born. But EVERY 2 minutes, a mother loses her life during pregnancy or childbirth. In just 2 minutes, you can help make a difference!

You may CLICK HERE to shop (and check out our new Fall Collection that launched yesterday)! Or, just message me with how many Enlighten Bracelets you'd like and I'll take care of it for you! Many, many THANKS for helping me reach my big goal!!!

Together, we can make pregnancy and childbirth safer for every mother!


P.S....I have created an online trunk show and will raffle the hostess rewards off for those who participate....just shop this link: http://www.stelladot.com/ts/wc606.

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Enlighten Bracelet...great alone or makes a FUN ARM PARTY!

GREAT for every day wear, mix in with what you already have to make a fabulous arm party…AND they make great gifts!!! They are an embossed leather wrap bracelet….simple yet meaningful. Gold-plated brass bar sits atop an adjustable, poppy orange leather band. The interior is embossed with the names of all the important ladies in your life: MOTHER - SISTER - DAUGHTER…in French, English and German. $39


200 seems impossible...but I believe it will happen! I am on a mission to really make a difference for mothers-to-be around the world, but I cannot do this alone! EVERY BRACELET SAVES LIVES.

Think of the impact we can make! LET'S DO IT!!!

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters....making a difference one bracelet and one healthy birth at a time.

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So what can you do to help?

  1. Simply purchase 1 Enlighten bracelet (only $39) for yourself, your mom, your sister, or whomever...or as gifts! SHOP HERE!
  2. Share with your friends & family & get 10 or more to purchase a bracelet -- As a thank you, you will receive some hostess rewards to pick out a few of your favorite Stella & Dot pieces FREE! Or, let's do a Shop for a Cause trunk show!
  3. Become a stylist & share this amazing organization with all of your friends & family! I will gift you with a FREE Enlighten Bracelet when you join!


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“As a community, Stella & Dot is about making a difference in women’s lives. It’s important for us to extend that mission to women and children, at home and around the world through the Stella & Dot Foundation,” – Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot

Every Mother Counts is excited to partner with Stella & Dot’s mission driven community to help us achieve our goal to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. We know we can't do this work alone and are always reassured that there are others who want to contribute in meaningful ways. Through this partnership, we will be able to educate many more about the global maternal healthcare challenges and also raise funds to support programs that improve access to quality maternity care that can prevent unnecessary deaths at birth." - Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts

Many thanks for your support!