Hunger Lab

Many people all over the globe are living below the poverty line. This means they have just $3 per day to survive. Food is costly and this way of life is far from easy. Unfortunately many of these people are subjected to all types of illnesses, starvation, and death. This is the sad truth. A lab was designed to simulate this way of life. My classmates and myself were given a assignment. We had to go to the supermaket and pretend we had $21 to spend to buy food for ourselves for a week. I bought the above items. We needed to concume 2200 calories per day.I was reaching my goal for the first couple of days. But, by day 5 i just about had run out of my stash. Living in this way and maintaining a healthy weight and diet is basically impossible.  

The Cost

Rice: $8.99Beans(6 cans):$.79*6= 3.95Chicken:$5.41Carrots:$1.49Total: $20.63