By Willow Lee

Mercury's symbol is Hg, that comes from the latin word for Mercury. The latin word is hydrargyrum, which means liquid metal.

It's atomic number is 80 and it's atomic mass is 200.59 amu. The number of protons and electrons is 80 and the number of neutrons is 121.

The melting point of mercury is -38.87 °C.

The boiling point is 356.58 °C.

The classification for mercury is a transition metal, and it's normal phase or state is liquid.

The cost for pure mercury is about 4$8 per 100 grams if pure. For bulk, it is $1.74 per 100 grams.

The name of the element came from both the name of the planet Mercury, and the use of it in alchemy. The alchemical symbol is the same for both the element and the planet. It is unknown who had discovered this liquid metal, as it has been known about for ages.

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Mercury: It's great for poisoning the air, and it allows you to read the temperature!

Mercury is used in quite a few things, surprisingly. It is used quite a bit in measuring temperatures and such. It is used in barometers, manometers, and thermometers. With how it's thermal expansion rate is nearly completely linear, it is used a lot whenever it comes to thermometers. That is the one thing it's used the most for. It is also used in medicines, cosmetics, dentistry, and fungicides for agriculture.

Mercury, whenever is evaporates into the air, becomes very volatile. Whenever the air is about room temperature, and it is saturated in gaseous mercury, it comes to greatly exceed the toxic limit. It is the most toxic whenever it is in the air, and great amounts of exposure to this will cause you to become poisoned with it.

Whenever mercury is breathed in in is gaseous form, it will cause many effects from the poisoning. It will cause headaches, twitches, insomnia, tremors, emotional changes, nerve response changes, and cause deficits in performance whenever it comes to using your mind for such things as tests and your cognitive functions. Even higher exposure to this will cause your kidney and lungs to become damaged, and will eventually lead to death.

Mercury is one of the very few metals that is naturally liquid in it's normal phase.

As strange as it is, mercury is in fish, in the a toxic compound called methylmercury. It is highly toxic form that builds up in fish and shellfish, including some of the fish that we do eat.