Divergent & Insurgent

By:Veronica Roth My Main Character is Tris

Tris is a Risk Taker

In the book Divergent Tris was a Risk taker because A) she joined a different faction as her family , B) she joined Dauntless.....And not to mention C) she was the first jumper.

"You want to Jump off a ledge?.......Yes Max says Is there water at the bottom or something? Who knows. He raises his eyebrows."(Roth 57)

"This is a scare tactic I will land safetly at the bottom..."(Roth 58)

"First jumper Tris..."(Roth 60)

Tris is an Inquirer

In the book Insurgent Tris is an Inquirer because throughout the whole book Tris tries to find out this secret in which Jeanine is hiding from her. Also at the end she finds out who_____ is. In the upcoming book she wanders who____________is. "There is a reason you don't know all the things I know. Along time ago, the Abnegation were entrusted with some sensitive information says Marcus. Jeanine attacked us to steal it. And if I am not careful, she will destroy it, so that is all I can tell you. But surely - no Marcus cuts her off.

This in formation is more important than you can imagine. Most of the leaders of this city risked their lives to protect it from Jeanine and died. And it will not jeopardize it not for the sake of sating your selfish curiosity." (Roth 25)

Some of the Main Characters of Divergent

The Thrilling Divergent Series

Tris is Reflective

Tris is Reflective in simulations because she always thinks about her strengths and weaknesses. From the very beginning of the first book in her first simulation where she thinks about her choices... "You're not such a vicious beast, huh? I get up slowly so I don't startle it, but it seems like a different animal than the one that faced me a few seconds ago. I stretch out a hand carefully so I can draw it back if I need to. The dog nudges my hand with it's head.

I am suddenly glad I did not pick up the knife. (Roth 15-16)


Out in Theaters

Tris is A Thinker

Tris is always a thinker because every time she is fighting or secretly going some where or even her needs to think of ways to show that's she's not Divergent...... She thinks it out all in her head before it happens. " That's right says Jeanine Its on that computer Beatrice and only I can locate it.If you don't help me survive it will die with me...( Roth 498-499) In the passage Tris being a thinker to decide to either let her enemy die with the information or let her live and her keep the information?

Tris is Principled

Tris is Principled in both books (Insurgent) because she is honest and tells the truth about Will.

"He had a gun I say . He was about to shoot me. He was under the simulation . You killed him...she says" (Roth 153) She Finally told the truth to Christina about the incident with Will and Tris.

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