Prevent Poisoning

Dear Parent/ Caregiver

Every year, millions of kids die from poisoning. Statistics say, 838 children ages 19 and under died from poisoning in 2010. Poisoning is the second leading of injury-related death. The leading causes of non-medication exposure calls to poison control centers for children ages 5 and under were cosmetics and personal care products, household cleaning substances, foreign bodies/toys, pesticides, and plants. There are many ways to prevent kids from getting poisoning. Here are some ways to do so.


  • Never tell a child that medicine tastes like candy.
  • Do not rely on packaging to protect your children. child-resistant packaging does not mean childproof packaging.
  • Store all medications- no matter what type out- of sight or reach.
  • Always keep pills and liquids in their original containers.
  • Never put cleaning products in old soda bottles or containers that were once used for food.
  • Use safety latches for all cabinets containing hazardous substances
  • Keep bottles of alcohol locked in a cabinet far away from kids' reach
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