Coach Nicholson

Introduction to Quadratics

Friday, April 5th (A Day) or Monday, April 8th (B Day)

Today, you will be introduced to Quadratic Functions. During the lesson, you will complete the following tasks:

Warm Up - watch video to complete definitions of key terms used today

Video Notes - take notes from the video "Introduction to Quadratic Functions"

Online calculator tutorial - watch video that walks you through the steps to find the vertex of a quadratic function

CW/HW - complete the homework over the different parts of a quadratic function: vertex, axis of symmetry, domain and range

Warm Up

Use the video below to define each of the terms on the Warm Up.

Video Notes

Watch the following video and fill out the notes titled "7.1 Video Notes - Introduction to Quadratic Functions." For the EOC Review, you may need to do some research on your own to answer those questions. They will not be covered in the video presentation.

*** The Random example in the video is not correct. I have provided a different example on your notes for you. Everything is already filled in except for the vertex and whether the vertex is a maximum or minimum. You may go ahead and answer the max or min question. You will need further instruction before you can correctly determine the vertex.***

Intro to Quadratics

Online Calculator Tutorial

Watch the following video to learn how to use the calculator to find a maximum or minimum vertex on a parabola.

*** Please use this tutorial to determine the vertex for the "Random example" on the front page of your notes (orange paper). You may also use this tutorial to help you with the practice problems at the end of your notes as well.***

Finding the Vertex of a Parabola on Your TI-84 or TI-83 Graphing Calculator

Intro to Quadratics Assignment

Use the remaining time to complete the assignment titled "Intro to Quadratics." You may pick up a copy from me at the front table when you are ready to begin.

What is due at the end of class...

You will need to turn in the assignment titled "Intro to Quadratics" by the end of class. Please keep the Warm Up and the Video Notes to use as a reference for the next test we have.