A Very Important Day

By: Malayjah Hellebusch

Interview with Jihan and Her Very Important Day

Question: How did you feel before you became a American citizen?

Jihan: I felt very nervous and excited at the same time.

Question: How do you feel now?

Jihan: I feel very happy about my experience. I am also very thankful to be a American citizen.

Question: Did you celebrate before your experience?

Jihan: Yes.

Question: How did you celebrate?

Jihan: I celebrated with waffles at a coffee shop.

Question: What did your parents think about becoming American citizens?

Jihan: I think they were nervous about coming here. But I also think they were happy.

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A Very Important Day for Many Soon to be American Citizens

Why are stores closed? Where are all the people? Today in New York, people wake up very excited! As you know, today is a important day for people all across the country. Today they will go to the New York Courthouse and take an oath. Then, they will walk out of the courthouse as American citizens. Congrats new American citizens of the U.S.!