Parents as Teachers

NKC Schools *** Enrollment for the 2022-23 School Year


We are excited to welcome your family into North Kansas City Schools Parents as Teachers for the 2022-23 school year!! If you are new to Parents as Teachers we are glad to have you here If you are a returning family, we are happy to have you join us for another year!

Enrollment Opens August 2nd!


Please follow the steps below to enroll. Your parent educator can not enroll you.

Links below will not work before 9:00 AM on August 2nd.

To create a seamless enrollment process we ask all families enroll/re-enroll by selecting one of the options below:

Complete the ONLINE ENROLLMENT form below that best fits your family


Call the Parents as Teachers office at 816-321-5453

We strive to serve as many families as possible however due to funding guidelines, some spaces are limited. Families that are not immediately matched with a parent educator will be placed on a waitlist. You will be notified via email if you are on the waitlist. Families on the waitlist may receive a developmental screening for each child 3 months old - prekindergarten and are invited to attend all group connections while waiting to be matched with a parent educator.

If you no longer wish to participate in Parents as Teachers please complete this Exit Form.

Scheduling Personal Visits: Day vs Evening Appointments

Over the past few years, the request for evening visits has increased greatly and resulted in families waiting a year or more to be matched with a parent educator. While we would love to accommodate every family's request for evening visits it is no longer possible.

Beginning this year we have new guidelines for scheduling personal visits.

  • All visits are approximately 60 minutes long.
  • At least one enrolled child must be present during this visit.
  • Daytime visits are visits that begin between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday-Friday.
  • Evening visits are visits that begin at or after 4:00 PM Monday-Friday.

DAYTIME VISITS Your family will receive daytime visits if there is a parent/guardian at home, at least 1 day during the week (Monday - Friday) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

EVENING VISITS Your family will receive evening visits if there is not a parent/guardian available before 4:00 PM Monday-Friday. All evening visits will be completed by 8:00 PM. In order to visit more families in the evening, parent educators will use one of the 2 schedules below when setting appointment times. These schedules are:
  • Option 1: 4:00 PM, 5:15 PM and 6:30 PM
  • Option 2: 4:30 PM, 5:45 PM and 7:00 PM
Please chat with your parent educator to see which schedule she is using.

We know these schedule changes may not be ideal for every family, but we ask for your assistance and understanding as we strive to support as many families as possible.

What Will This Year Look Like?

Over the past 3 years, there have been many changes to how we deliver our services as we navigated Covid. As we begin the 2022-23 school year we are planning for services to look closer to life before Covid. Here is what you can expect this year.


  • Visits will be around 60 minutes long
  • Personal visits will be in-person, at your home (inside and/or outside)
  • Virtual visits (video or telephone) can be provided at your request


  • Monthly in-person parent-child activities held at the Early Education Center (EEC) as well as out in the community
  • Quarterly virtual and/or in-person presentations on parenting topics


  • All children with a birthdate after 7-31-19 will be screened over the course of 2-3 visits in the fall. More information will be coming out next month on this.
  • if you have a child with a birthdate between 8-1-18 and 7-31-19, they may have a screening done in the home AND/OR they can attend one of our mass screenings in the spring of 2023. Your parent educator will work with you to determine what is best for your child(ren).


  • We have a wealth of resources to share!!
  • We know families have a greater variety of needs right now, including mental health support. Our parent educators are prepared to connect you with resources to help you meet your family's needs from food and financial assistance to creative ways to give your child new play opportunities.

About Us

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a free and voluntary program for families who reside in the North Kansas City School District with children prenatal to age 5 (pre-kindergarten).