Watersheds and Ocean Ecosystems

How do we and they impact us?

What The What?

Humans impact the earth in different ways, especially our Marine system.

Human interaction with the oceans, and other water supplies such as aquifers, ground water pools, ponds, lakes, streams, etc. can either affect us negatively or positively.

Negitive Human Interactions

Positive Effects

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are negititave and positive ways humans can impact our water systems, a few examples of negative impacts are Oil Spills, Overfishing, and Using too much toxic pesticides and herbicides. A few positive impacts are Dawn Soaps fight to rescue animals hurt by oil spills, throwing back pregnant and baby fish, and using less pesticides, herbicides, and car soaps.

Our water becomes dirtier and dirtier by the day, what we do, can impact our water for the rest of our lives.