Susan Wozniel

General Information

  • Pediatrician
  • A child physician who provides; preventive health maintenance for healthy children or medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill.
  • General duties- diagnose and treat; infections,injuries,genetic disorders and performs physicals

Additional Information

  • Job outlook- They are always needed and there will always be a job in this field
  • Personality qualification- have to be nice and enjoy being around children
  • Education- 4 years undergraduate,4 year medical school and 3-8 years internship
  • Schools- University of Michigan and Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Average salary- $122,200
  • Common injury treated-asthma

Personal Reflection

This is a job that I have looked into doing but I discovered that I would not be very good at it. Reason being that I could never see a child in that much pain it would break my heart. So I have decided that being a health administrator so I could help many more children.Reason being that they run the hospital and with that I could make sure that the children hospital I'm working at has the best care and fun event for the children.

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