Danielle Schilling

personality profile

Moral values

35% attached to moral values and feelings. I have strong emotions for the environment.

introvert & extrovert

63% introvert, 37% extrovert

I am imaginative and creative and I take a long time thinking about things. I am also attentive and cautious and careful about making decisions most of the time.


I don't like to focus on the facts of reality. Only when I'm in school do I try to

pull though the day. I can only act like I usually do in writing and art.

Follow through

I mostly follow through on things if I have had experience with it. I don't usually like to do things I've never done before.


birthday March 29

Who I Am

Name: Danielle Schilling

Siblings: 3

Age: 12

The Forest Of Hands And Teeth

I am in love with these books. These books(by my opinion)are better than Twilight and

The Hunger games combined. I know a lot of people out there are going to be mad at me for saying that but they are amazing!!