Andrew Jackson Is a Zero!

By: Bryce Martinez

Jackson kills Thousands of Native Americans!

President Andrew Jackson went against John Marshall and the Judiciary branch and kicked the Cherokee tribes out of their home land which they rightfully own. They had to travel months through the terrible winter to get to Oklahoma. Many died on the way from pneumonia and from lack of food and water. Jackson knew that many Natives were gonna die but he continued with his murder plot anyway.

Andrew Jackson only hires suck ups!

When Jackson got into to office he fired many Government officials that didn't support him. These people have worked in the White house for years and knew a lot more then Jackson. He then hired all of his friends and anyone who supported him so that he could abuse his power. For example Jackson ignored John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court's ruling and kicked out the Cherokee Indians. This corrupt process that Jackson did is now called the "spoils system".

American businesses are destroyed!

If your trying to starting a business and are looking for money from the government don't count on the National bank because President Jackson shut it down. The National Bank has been using its funds to support the American Economy and help people with other financial needs. Jackson gave all the Funds from the National Bank to the State Banks while Congress was on Break. Once again Jackson has abused his power for his own personal gain.
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Jackson is Vetoing the National Bank and hurting the American economy.

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