God Gave Rules for Sacrifice

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Dear Parents

This week, we continued our journey through the Bible using The Gospel Project​for
Kids and examined the rules that God gave His people for how to worship Him in the tabernacle. God required sacrifices from the people when they sinned. The Book of Hebrews tells us that the sacrifices themselves did not save the people, but it was their faith in God that saved them. God provided the perfect, final Sacrifice ­­His Son, Jesus­­ to redeem people from sin once and for all. Help your kids realize that Jesus it the ultimate and perfect Sacrifice and salvation is found in Him alone.

Unit Key Passage

Leviticus 11:45

For I am the Lord who brought you up out of the land of Egypt to be your God. You shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.

Unit 6 Session 3

Bible Passage: Leviticus 1-27
Main Point: God provided a way to forgive His people.

Big Picture Question: Who can keep God's law? No one can keep God's law except Jesus.

Christ connection: The Book of Leviticus is about the sacrifices God told His people to offer. God wanted to show the Israelites that He was going to forgive people who disobeyed Him. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be the perfect sacrifice. Jesus forgives our sin for good.


(Ages 2-3)
Hi Family,
This Sunday your children did so well listening to the lesson on Leviticus even though it was abstract and a little hard to understand. We had a lot of fun playing and worshiping. I pray that God would help your children understand who God is and want Him. We love you.
- Kula, Karen, & Kiersten

Younger Elementary

(Ages 4-6)
"Happy Valentine's Day One Love Family! We had a blast celebrating God's love for us! As we learned that God is holy and requires a sacrifice for sin, we delighted in the fact that He himself provided us the ultimate sacrifice through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, amen! Check with your keiki and see if they can repeat our memory verse this week: John 15:12 (Love each other as I have loved you). We LOVE you! See you next week!"
-Britany, Gina, Aletheia

Older Elementary

(Ages 7-11)

Aloha One Love families,
This week was awesome being able to have discussions on just how much God loves us. As Christ is our ultimate sacrifice. Please encourage a repentant heart out of love and engraving it on their heart that the love we have as children of God is God's love that we receive and that it is the only real love there is. It was a joy to have a lesson of God's love on valentines day! We are praying for you and are so joyous to be apart of your guys lives as we grow more and more one with each other in Christ. Grace and peace from our Father.
Bronson and Shannon

Easter Sunday (March 27th)

Easter performance

Your kids have officially starting working on their Easter performance! We will be practicing during Sunday school up until Easter Sunday.

When: Opening worship for Easter Service

Below is the song they will be singing for Easter Service so they can practice at home too.
The Maker by Chris August (Lyric Video)

Easter Egg Hunt

When: following service
Where: In the field by our church

* In order for this to be successful, we will need candy and egg donations!
When does it start: Beginning of March
Where to drop off donations: There will be a donation bin under the check-in table
What to donate: Candy & plastic eggs

Parent Date Night!

Parent Date Night for the month of February has been canceled!

Interactive Bible

You can purchased your Interactive bible from Britnay in the Younger Elementary classroom either before or after service.

Children's Ministry 2015 Curriculum

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