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Tech Tip Tuesday #5 - Quick updates, google forms, and FREE STUFF!


This TTT is dedicated to one of my favorite tools ever: Google Forms. FYI: there is a fun contest (with prizes) at the end of this flyer!

Google Forms is part of Google Drive, and it allows you to do the following:

  • Create forms, surveys, quizzes, and rubrics.
  • Share the forms with others.
  • Allow others to complete the forms online.
  • Collect all the responses in a spreadsheet.
  • Use conditional formatting to easily grade student responses.
  • Provide you with helpful summaries of the collected data with charts and graphs

Using it through GAFE (Google Apps For Education) also allows you to change a setting forcing students (or teachers) to sign in to GAFE first. By forcing a sign in you will automatically collect the log in information of every quiz taker (in our county). Last week's Tech Star - Christina Rosendorf uses this method to collect student information at the beginning of the year, and it instantly generates a class list with the GAFE emails of every student. One of the questions she asks students to respond to is "what period are you in"? She can then easily use this information to create shared folders with her students by class period.

See the video below on how you can use Google Forms to create a snazzy scoreable rubric:

Tips for Teachers: Using Google Forms for Grading Rubrics


Our technology star this week also uses Google Forms in the classroom. Last week using the NOOKs, Alyson used the new features of Google Forms to embed video clips of bacteria moving. It created a virtual lab situation. Students had to correctly identify how the bacteria were moving by watching the videos and then selecting the correct answers to the questions.

After having her students take the quiz on the NOOKs, she utilized conditional formatting to quickly color and sort the spreadsheet. This allowed her to see who had passed, and decide if she needed to reteach anything. She linked the quiz from her website through her online planbook.

If you'd like to nominate yourself or a colleague for 'technology rock star'...remember you can fill out my Google Form!

Using Google Forms to Reduce Paperwork for Teachers
Easy way to create a self-correcting Google Form

Contest: Make a form? Share a form!

Now it's your turn! Create a Google Form in GAFE and share it (email it to

If you've already created a form, send an old one -or maybe try out a new feature you learned and share your quiz with me. Don't worry about it being pretty, and it doesn't have to be something you'd actually use with students - just send what ever you have (I promise I won't share with anyone else unless I speak to you about it first!).

  • Every entry will win a teacher gift bag full of 'goodies' (while supplies last), and one lucky winner will get an Amazon Gift card.
  • Not sure how to make a Google Form? Not sure how to share it? Use the instruction manual above, the basics video, and you can always call me too!

This contest ends the Tuesday morning after spring break! Good luck!

Google Forms contest ends:

Tuesday, April 22nd, 5am

This is an online event.

Good luck!