The Red Scare

People and Events

Loyalty Review Board: Formed in 1947 by Harry S. Truman. Formed in response to Americans' fears that there were Communists operating within the U.S. government.

House Committee on Un-American Activity: Established in 1938 to investigate fascist groups in the United States.

Hollywood Ten: A group of California film directors and writers who went to jail because they didn't want to answer HUAC'S questions.

Alger Hiss: A New Deal lawyer that was accused of being a communist spy and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: Two Americans accused of providing the Soviet Union with atomic-energy secrets during World War II.

Senator McCarthy and his tactics: Fueled suspicions that spies and Communist sympathizers were everywhere. He used his position as chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to wage war against alleged Communist sympathizers in the federal government.

Declaration of Conscience: Speech made by Senator Margaret Chase Smith on June 1,1950 and refers to the text of the speech itself. She criticized the national leadership and called for the country and the Republican Party to re-examine the tactics used by the HUAC and Senator Joe McCarthy.

Army-McCarthy Hearings: A series of hearings held between April 1945 and June 1945. The hearings were held for the purpose of investigating conflicting accusations between the United States Army and Senator Joesph McCarthy.

Main Character: That Guy from Wisconsin

Senator Joesph McCarthy

Other Characters:

Margaret Chase Smith

Edward R. Murrow

Billy Graham


Bolshevik revolution in Russia. After the Bolshevik's won control and established a communist government, attempts were made to promote similar revolution in the U.S. Also, several violent events in the U.S. including strikes and race riots contributed to the overall unease and suspicion in the nation.


He who trusts in the atom bomb will sooner or later perish by the atom bomb-or something worse.

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