Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

By: Mahala and Trina


Fetal Alcohol syndrome, or FAS, is a birth defect caused by the mother drinking alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. It cannot be cured and is specific to the individual. Damage to brain, organs, and limbs can be stunted or deformed.

What causes FAS?

FAS is caused when a mother drinks alcohol and it goes into her bloodstream. The fetus in development also gets some of the alcohol as a result, and it stays in the fetus's bloodstream longer. This exposure to alcohol as a fetus is what gives a higher risk of FAS.

Alcohol is addictive.

Drinking frequently while pregnant increases chances of FAS. If you are an alcoholic, there are support groups for you such as Alcoholics Anonymous. If you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, please avoid alcohol.

KCMO AA Hotline (816)471-7229