The Industrial Revolution

Jayci Dobbs

the industrial revolution begins

The Industrial Revolution lasted from the 18th century to the 19th century. When it started major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transport, and technology. The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in human history. The Industrial Revolution was very beneficial even though it had some low points. More inventions were created but sewage was bad. But, the Industrial Revolution is a big part in making all of us who we are today. Think about it, no technology, or no transportation, not even the education we have today. There is more but no time to explain more inventions have to be made.

Child Labor

Child labor was a serious thing back in those days. Kids were able to go to work at factories like the little girl Addie. she was in a spinning factory. Where they make cloth and stuff for making clothes. little kids mostly go to work in factories because their families were poor and they were separated from their families. I guess child labor can be good and bad, the good thing is that they will be more responsible quicker, but the bad thing is that they are children and shouldn't need to be working at a job and carry all that stress. addie in the picture below does not look very happy, I assume she does not like working, this is just a guess I am not sure.
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assembly line

Assembly lines are made to make things happen faster. Lots of people are in a line doing one job then passing in down so the next person could do their job. if they continued this process they would come up with their next product. The assembly line made a big impact on the world more people are producing which means more things have to be made to keep up with the population of people.
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inventors who had impact on the world