By: Mackenzie Morgan

Intelligent, and Glorious Animals

Dolphins are highly intelligent and are found in low tropical waters and they're 33 species of dolphins, but, they're only 5 species of dolphins that live in rivers. Dolphins are carnivores so they mostly eat fish, squid, and crustaceans.

Fun Fact

Time for a Fun Fact!

Did you know that dolphins are mammals and carnivores?!

3 Types of Dolphins


Echolocation ( Dolphin sounds )

Dolphins use what is called echolocation and that is a type of communication that dolphins use. When dolphins use echolocation, they make a certain clicking sound that bounces off of ocean life and travels to the other dolphins.

Dolphins also use echolocation to figure out how big their pray is that is in front of them or to find out what is actually in front of them, because dolphins don't have very good eye sight.