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The best city in the world.

History Facts

*Before Singapore was country it had many villages of its own.
*The United Kingdom colonized Singapore
*SIngapore gained its independence on August 30th, 1963

Random Facts

Most of Singapore's Ethnicity is made up from 74% Chinese while the rest of the ethnicity is either Malays and Indians.
Some of the places that are in Singapore are places where everyone wants to be. You can go on the world's second largest observation wheel which gives you one of the best views of the city of Singapore. Or you can also visit Singapore for the electronics, Singapore is known for how cheap they sell their brand-named electronics.

Guaranteed To Be The Best Experience Of Your Life.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is Singapore so fun?
Why Don't I want to leave this place?
How can this get any better?
Do I have to go back home, or can i stay here for the rest of my life?

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There is no place more beautiful to see, or be in than the country of Singapore. Take a vacation here and you wont want to leave this place. It's just too good. Visit us, we expect it.