Kirk Fenton News

20th March 2020

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Dear Parents / Carers,

This week has been a very strange week in school either waiting for updates and information or planning for the days ahead. The children have been incredibly sensible, asking relevant questions and reassuring each other. I have been truly humbled by their care for each other. As I write I am not sure how long we will be closed or even how long we can remain open for specific pupils. Information is changing rapidly as the situation changes and as our staff begin to self-isolate. However, I do know that we will re-open at some point in the future and I know that Kirk Fenton will then go from strength to strength.

So for now take care of each other, follow the government advice and we hope to see you again soon.

Mrs Karen Williams

Head Teacher

Good Work Certificates

This week's certificates were awarded to the following children:

Acorns - Zachary Marshall

Birch - Poppy Lambert

Willow - Everyone

Hazel - Everyone

Cherry - Penny Glynn and Clementine Myatt

Maple - Florence Long and Harry Barton

Sycamore - Grace Watson and Poppy Hudson

Oak - Harriette Williams and Lucy Schofield

Sports Relief

Thank you to everyone who joined in Sports Relief last week and helped raise £178 for this worthy cause. A lot of sporting activities were undertaken with great enthusiasm and energy and it was lovely to see our pupils having active fun.

Thank you for all your support and please visit our Facebook page for any updates.



Registered charity no: 1154660


The easiest ways to raise funds for us is to register with Easy Fundraising and raise money as you shop online at no cost to you and search online with Easy Search

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St Mary's

Dear Everyone,

As we face an unprecedented challenge together, I want you to know that St. Mary’s Kirk Fenton, St. John the Baptist Kirkby Wharfe and Ulleskelf (and all Church of England churches) are still operating. The way that we are doing things may look a little different to normal, and we cannot gather together for prayer or worship in our buildings, but we are here. This message sets out what is happening and everything that we are doing is for everyone, whether you feel part of church life or not.

Sunday 22nd March

A particular disappointment for many people is that we won’t be able to meet together on Mothering Sunday. However, I will be in each church to pray on Sunday. You might want to join me (from home) in prayer at the time that I am in your community but, of course, you can pray at any time!

My timetable is:

9.00am – St. John the Baptist Kirkby Wharfe and Ulleskelf

9.45am – St. Mary’s Kirk Fenton

In Kirk Fenton, I will ring the bells before I pray. Unfortunately, the bells need some repair work in Kirkby Wharfe…

In addition to this, at 7.00pm in each church, a candle will be lit along with churches across the country. This is being organized by Churches Together in England. Please also light a candle at home and see for more information. If you are on social media, you might want to share this image

On Sunday, I would also encourage you to watch Songs of Praise. It’s a Mothering Sunday special and is on BBC1 at 1.15pm. There is also going to be a “virtual church service” led by the Archbishop of Canterbury on Sunday morning across local radio. I don’t have any more information at present but hopefully we’ll hear more about this.

Through the week

Every day during the week, there will be Morning Prayer and Night Prayer led from one of the churches in the Tadcaster Benefice.

Morning Prayer will be:

Monday – 9.30am – Tadcaster

Tuesday – 9.30am – Newton Kyme

Wednesday – 10.30am – Kirk Fenton

Thursday – 9.30am – Kirkby Wharfe

Friday – 9.30am – Tadcaster

For Morning Prayer, we will be using This website is updated daily so just pop on each day and the Morning Prayer service will be waiting for you. There are also services for Prayer During the Day, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer if you want to use them. This is also available as an app.

Night Prayer will be:

Monday to Thursday – 8.30pm – Kirk Fenton

Friday – 8.30pm – Tadcaster

For this service, we will be using the words that can be found at

If you know anyone who would like paper copies of words, please get in touch with Rachel (see below).

Future services

We will keep you updated each week about what’s happening! If you want to be added to an e-mail list, simply send me an e-mail. Also keep an eye on our social media stuff on Facebook - or /revsimonbiddlestone.

Accessing support for yourself and others

If you are feeling a bit isolated or are in need of a friendly chat or someone to talk to, get in touch with me on (01937) 558172 and I’ll match you up with someone you can talk to.

If you can’t get hold of me, contact Rachel Hughes, our Administrator.

Contact details

Rachel’s contact details are:

07545 516949

My contact details are:

(01937) 558172

St. Mary’s House, Church Street, Church Fenton, LS24 9RD (Do you remember the days when people sent letters? If you send me a letter / card, I promise to write back. Letters from small people are especially welcome if you need something to fill the time!)

Some final words

As it says in 1 Peter: “Cast all your anxiety on him [Jesus], because he cares for you.”

Sometimes that’s easy to say and harder to do. That’s partly why church is so important – we often find it easier to do things together and other people’s faith can really boost our own. When we can’t physically be together, this can seem much harder. We need to reimagine how we do things, look out for each other and support everyone who needs support, whether we know them or not.

God bless. Don’t be alone. Reach out. Love the Lord you God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love your neighbour as yourself.


Reverend Simon Biddlestone