Post Apocalyptic Gazette

By James Dashner Delacorte Press August 14 2012 329 pages

Character Description

My book contains 1 main character Mark, followed by 4 Important characters, Alec, Lana, Trina and DeeDee. The book follows the perspective of Mark as he proceeds through the plot. Marks dreams suggest that Mark and Trina were friends before the solar flares and they met Alec and his friend Lana beneath the tunnels of New York city. The 5 meet DeeDee later in the story. Mark and Trina were just unsuspecting citizens of New York City as the solar flares stuck and where saved by Alec and Lana with their Military training. Alec and Lana are formal soldiers and Alec was the head of the department of defense.

Plot Summary

The book begins as Mark wakes up in their settlement. He wakes up Alec then wanders outside. He greets Trina as she is reading a book near a stream. Later their settlement is greeted by large airship called a berg that hovers over the center of the town. The cargo bay opens and 3 people in bio hazard suits step out almost dangling over the edge. They take out weapons that look like long tubes with a box on the end. They start to shoot darts infected with the flare virus out and hit the innocent settlers. They find a way onto the berg and later it crashes. After the crash, they find a work pad and they find a map to a mysterious location. Later in the story, after the mutated flare virus begins to set in and after their friends are captured they go on a rescue mission. at the climax the flares effects are obvious and they need to find a way to get DeeDee to safety. They learn of a flat trans in a nearby city and fly the berg there and drop her off with Mark and Trina. They send DeeDee through with a note as the book ends.


The main conflict in the story is the battle between surviving humanity and the flare virus spread by the PFC. The protagonist is unwillingly dragged into the conflict when his village is attacked and the flare virus begins to spread. He continues to fight back its effects and find the people that bought the horrible event upon mankind, and ultimately try to get the cure, that is, if there is one.

Quotation explanation

The quote I chose was from one of the important characters. "Your value of human life brings tears to my eyes." I chose this quote because the way it represents the whole tone of the book as well as the tone of the maze runner series. It has a meaning that you can only understand if you read the book. It plays the role of showing Alec's opinion of the whole situation and how he would later die then live with the flare virus.

Book review

This book was amazing. It has enough action to keep you reading the whole thing. It does a excellent job of explaining what led up to the events of the book piece by piece. I would recommend it to fans of post apocalyptic/ dystopian future survival type books such as the divergent or the hunger games. I would love it if the author made a squeal or even a prequel to it.