Shakespere's and Popes Planet


Have you ever been to Uranus, probably not.  The living conditions are awfull here is why


Uranus is the third largest planet in our galaxy, the milky way. Uranus is made of gasses and it has a greenish blue. When this planet is farthest from the sun it gets as cold as -212 degrees. The core of this planet is 4982 degrees, that's hot. This planet is also home to many fierce storms.

The Moons

Uranus has 18 moons. Each moon is named after characters in plays or poems written by William Shaksphere and Alexander Pope. Uranus's smallest moon is only 10 kilometres wide.

Compared to Eart

Uranus is far from earth in fact its 2,787,000,000 km from earth, thats really far. Unlike other planets Uranus rotates vertically witch is not normal, I guess its the “weird” planet. Uranus also rotates fast a day on Uranus is only 17 hours. Thats 7 hours shorter than a day on earth. Uranus is also twice as large as earth.


Now you see why Uranus is not visited often and why we humans cant live there and why this planet has poor living conditions.