Welcome to Two Mills

from Jeffrey Magee

Segregation In Two Mills

What is Segregation?

The definition of segregation "The action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart." The type of segregation in the town is racial segregation.
1960 - Segregation

Hector Street

Hector Street is the dividing line between the East End and the West End. Usually no one will cross other side of Hector Street unless they have to. I've made people cross Hector Street before which makes me happy. It makes me think that there is still hope for this town.

East End

The people of East End are all black. They think of West End people as "fish bellies". They think they don't belong together.

West End

The West End people are all white. They think of all the East End people as "rebels". Some of them even believe a theory that the East End people are going to rebel and attack them.

Places to Visit

Cobble's Corner

The home of the famous Cobble's Knot and the best tasting pizza in the world. The history of the place is very peculiar. It used to be a grocery store and the owner had a brilliant idea to get customers. He got a knot so tied up that no one could untie it (until I came along). The knot was used as an advertisement for his small grocery, anyone who could untie it would get a great reward. The grocery store was later turned into a pizzeria and Cobble's Knot had outlived the grocery store.

The Railroad

Even though it might seem scary at first to go here it's the best running spot in the whole town! And it's great for thrill seekers who want to see if they can beat the train (only attempt to beat the train if you know you can).

The Pickwell Household

You should go here sometime for a meal! Just listen for a whistle and follow to the Pickwell house. They don't care if you're a stranger, they'll feed and give you no strange looks whether you're white or black. The are the more civilized part of the West End.

The Vacant Lot

This is where I play sports with my friends and where people come to test me to see if all the buzz about me is true. When you come here to Two Mills I'll show it to you.

Sports to Play


Baseball is a sport anyone can play! It's fun and easy to get into. PS: If someone throws a frog ball at you punt it.


Football is a really fun sport, but it could be hard to get the hang of. There is a football field at the high school that you could play at.


Whatever you wanna call it- track or running, this is by far my favorite sport. I love to run and I hope you do too.


Although I've never played basketball most of my friends say it's a really fun sport. I would keep this as a last resort if you didn't like any of the other sports I recommended.