Miss Bischoff's 2nd Grade Bulletin

March 18, 2016

Our Field Trip to the Children's Museum!!!

Thank you so much to all the chaperones that joined us on our field trip on Wednesday! It couldn't have been more perfect! They kids had an amazing time watching the play of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, eating lunch together, and exploring the museum! Ask your child what his/her favorite part of the play was!

Good Luck Cards!

This week we worked on writing good luck cards to all of the Southeastern Swim Club Age Group State Team!! The class had a lot of fun writing them and the swimmers loved them when I delivered then last night!!!

3rd 9 week Report Cards!

Can you believe the 3rd 9 weeks is already over? This year is FLYING by!!! Report cards will be available to view today! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have! I am proud of all of the learning going on this year!!! 9 more weeks to go...let's end with a BANG!!!

Let's Help Others by Collecting Canned Food Items!!!

TCE Student Council will be having a food drive the week of March 21-25 benefitting the Fall Creek Township Food Pantry. Items can be brought to your child’s classroom and placed in their classroom collection box throughout the week. Below is a list of items that the food pantry is in need of:

Saltine Crackers

Cornbread Mix

Pancake Mix

Rice (white and brown)

Rice and Pasta Sides

Pop Tarts

Granola Bars

Beef Broth


Canned Chicken

Sloppy Joes

Shaving Cream

Juice (grape and apple)

Hamburger Helper

Canned Chili

Thank you for your support.

Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day!

On Monday, March 21st, wear your most colorful, spunky socks in celebration of people with Down Syndrome and their unique differences that make our world brighter! People all around the world will be celebrating with you!

Candy Bar BINGO!!

The PTO will be hosting Candy Bar Bingo at TCE TONIGHT!!! There will be a raffle at the event where you can bid on "Teacher Experiences!" My "Teacher Experience" that you can bid on will be to have a doughnuts and juice with me and a friend before school. The 2nd grade teachers will be calling BINGO numbers from 6:00-6:25! Pizza and water will be on sale in the cafeteria for a $1! Hope to see you all there!

Chaucie’s Place

Chaucie's Place is a child advocacy organization in Hamilton County that focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse and youth suicide. Chaucie’s Place is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that opened its doors on April 30, 2001. Chaucie’s Place educates both children and adults through our prevention and education programs Smart Steps: A Body Safety Program for Children©, Stewards of Children® and Lifelines, our newest program that addresses youth suicide. Chaucie's Place will be coming to do a presentation for our 2nd graders on March 28th!

Summer Camps!

Attached to this email, we have included a list of summer camps around TCE! We thought it might be helpful as you begin to plan your summer!

Recyclable Items!

During the last few months of school, we will be collecting all different types of recyclable items. Feel free to send in anything from empty plastic containers, old boxes, or any other material students might want to make things out of! Thanks in advance for your help! We will be using them for an upcoming project, but also to help us learn more about measurement closer to the end of the year!

Menu Change

The cafeteria will be trying some new menu items for the month of March.

March 21: Grilled Cheese Sandwich (In place of Beef Soft Tacos)

March 23: Chicken Pot Pie instead of Spaghetti

March 24: Cornbread (In place of pretzel)

Homework for this week will be week A!

Mark your Calendar!

  • March 18th- Candy Bar BINGO
  • March 25th- Fishers Fire Department will be teaching k-2 students water safety
  • April 1-8 Spring Break
  • April 12-15th- Spring Book Fair in TCE library

Specials For next week

Monday 3/21- Day 2: Art

Tuesday 3/22- Day 3: P.E.

Wednesday 3/23- Day 4: Music

Thursday 3/24- Day 5: Art

Friday 3/25- Day 6: P.E. Jump Rope / Hoops for Heart (Please make sure your child is dressed to exercise and get sweaty!!)

Class Library Checkout!

Our next class library checkout day will be Friday, March 25th, but remember your child may bring his/her books back at anytime. We will find a time for him/her to visit the library individually to get new books!

We are Learning...


We will continue our study of traditional literature. We will be studying different versions of fairy tales, fables, and folktales. We will be comparing and contrasting different versions and we will also discuss the theme of each version.


We will begin our study on telling time.


We will continue working on our current writing pieces.- Nonfiction Young Author Books


We will continue learning about lifecycles! We will learn what a cycle is, and identify cycles that occur everyday!

Word Study:

Word study in 2nd grade includes spelling, phonics, and vocabulary development. We will be focusing on 15 new vocabulary words. Those words are: cycle, seed, antenna, germinate, seedling, bulb, cone, bud, roots, photosynthesis, reproduce, disperse, pollinate, sapling, and adaptation.