Life Cycle

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When a Panda is an Baby

Baby Panda are very small and fragile. When Baby Pandas are born they are very small and very pink they allso have a little bit of fur on there skin.

About one week after birth black fur starts to grow on the pandas ears and on there eye spot. Patches and shoulders start to grow black on there fur. There legs tern black after days later. Hairs on ears become more apering. Black eye patches star to to get biger. After half a month, there is black around their musle .

What Pandas Eat?

There are three different kinds of panda living in the world today they are the red panda, the Qinling panda and the giant panda and they are all mammals.

The giant panda is the most well-known of the three species. It mostly eats bamboo, and has to consume it up to 10-14 hours a day. It can eat up to 30 pounds of bamboo per day as well.

An Panda's life Cycle as an older Baby

The newborn Baby Pandas are weak and can not stand on there feet. For the Pandas first two months, they can not move, except being fed and sleeping.

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