The 2B Times

December 18, 2015 - Issue 7

Dear 2B Families,

Thank you for joining us for our first Curriculum Share of the year! Our Gritty Geckos are definitely risk-takers for running such a cool election! We had a wonderful time creating these for you and enjoyed sharing our projects and understanding with you. If you were unable to join us for the share, please enjoy the videos we shared that day below.

We also wanted to say thanks for taking time to join us at the Parent-Teacher Conferences. It was lovely talking to everyone about the progress that your child is making. We appreciate that you took the time to join us, and look forward to seeing every Gritty Gecko continue to blossom!

It has been a wonderful first term. We hope that you enjoy your break and safe travels to families leaving the city.

  • In math, we are ending our Place Value unit where students practiced reading and writing numbers in various forms. We have learned how to write in standard form, word form, and expanded form. We also worked on comparing numbers in these different forms using the greater than, less than, or equals to signs. We even talked about “1, 10, or 100 more or less than” to practice our place value understanding. To enhance our place value understanding, we have been working on thinking of 100 as a group of ten tens, which is a hundred, and a group of ten ones is ten. When we return from the Winter Break, we will take this understanding up another level by applying these strategies to word problems up to 200.
  • We have wrapped up our personal narrative in Writer's Workshop and are excited to share it with you at our Publishing Party. In the next term, we will be working on writing nonfiction pieces. In Reader's Workshop, we are learning more about the way authors write, and try to apply it into our own writing. For example, we learned that "literary language" is a playful language where authors compare things in a special way and when we see this playful language, we ask ourselves "What special meaning does the author want me to get?"

Important Announcements:

  • Sean Hicks has officially joined us as Mrs. Abetti's maternity leave replacement. The 2B Gritty Geckos have been ecstatic about him, and can't wait to learn more about and from him. Here is a biography that Mr. Hicks wrote to introduce himself.
  • Families are invited to our Publishing Party on Tuesday, January 5th at 1:30-3pm. We hope to see you then!
  • Reminder: There is no school on Thursday, December 24th. We return to school Monday, January 4th, 2016.
  • We have sent home a "Brooklyn Prospect Charter School Classroom and School Library Book Contract" that families should sign. Please discuss the contract with your child and have them return it on Monday. If we have the contract, students will be able to check out and bring home books on Monday. These will be "just-right" books that students should read for their independent reading parts of their homework.
  • Here are the trick words that we worked on so far in Second Grade:
    • answer, different, think, again, house
    • through, around, picture, change, learn
    • large, small animal, right, left
RRR Video 1
Music Performance

Ending the year with a BANG!

This was a very exciting term for the musicians in 2B music! As you know, 2B students worked hard to prepare their production of McKenzie and Omar's "Marching Band" for the BPCS High School Choir in late November and the Family Curriculum Share in December. With our first major musical production behind us, 2B students shifted their focus towards learning about percussion instruments in the final weeks of the term. Inspired by the 2002 movie, Drumline, students worked in small groups to prepare and preform their own rhythmic pieces incorporating maracas, tambourines, castanets, jingle sticks, shaker eggs, rhythm sticks and triangles!

I hope that you have a restful (and musical) winter break! I look forward to working with 2B in 2016!

- Kim Raccio

Physical Education update from Coach M!

Our fall swimming has ended but we are still working hard in physical education. We will have details soon if we are planning on scheduling more swimming for our second graders in the spring!

¡Las artistas visitan México!

Ooh La La! Second grade artists are making jewelry for an authentic Mercado de México. Working in clay, metal, wire, and ribbon they are creating all kinds of amazing charms and trinkets. Check out your students at work and —make some time to visit our Mercado (located outside the Studio Lab) next week!! Happy Holiday from the Studio Lab!