The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to support your son on his extra mile.

A note from the Ms. Phillips

Dear Parents,

It was absolutely wonderful to see so many of you at the open house this past Thursday, I was very excited. I know it was a rushed evening however I do believe we covered many things. Please reinforce with your sons the definition of play fighting and that it will not be tolerated in school. I understand completely that this is the hardest concept for young boys to understand thoroughly, because to them they are not fighting its just playing. However, the administration has demonstrated a no-tolerance policy regarding all types of physical violence.

On a positive note, we had a magnificent week. Not one student was on red at all this week. On Friday afternoon, the class as a whole received three major compliments on behavior. The first came from Dr. Sandberg for their behavior and orderliness in the halls during specials transitions. The second came from Ms. Suarez at Lunch when the quiet sign went up our boys promptly followed directions and sat quietly and put their own quiet sign up. Finally the last one was during the tornado drill yesterday Mrs. Nadal came in to do the administration check, she stopped and was amazed of how quiet our students were. She even looked around and noticed that not one of them was out of "tornado" position. She told them that by far this was the best boy classroom she had seen and they should be very proud. Afterward, the entire class moved up to Blue (which is our MVS level). I am jubilant to have MVS's for students. I have decided that since that had such a stellar week that on Tuesday, (remember Monday is no School), every student will receive a Kite Cash. Congratulate your son on an incredible week, they worked hard, and we had fun doing it.

Next week, we will be testing for Accelerated Reader Levels. I will be emailing home in the coming days a small print out for you of all of your sons log in information for Think Central, Discovery Education and AR (remember AR will not count unless taken during school hours).

Thank you,

Ms. Phillips

Important Dates

September 14th - No School

September 17th - Early Release
September 23rd - No School
September 24th - Interims issued
September 25th - Picture day

This Week we covered ...

  • We will read "Stormlong"
  • Grammar we will work on types of sentences and punctuation
  • Our spelling words are homophones
  • Our vocabulary strategies is working with reference materials
  • In Writing we are beginning to work on how to create sentences, this will continue next week.


  • Adding and subtracting whole numbers; multi-digits
  • Continue working on knowing our multiplication tables, (3-6)


  • Scientific Method
  • Focus on what skills a scientist needs to have
  • STEM - we attended our first STEM class this week and began designing and engineering bridges

On Deck for Next Week ....

  • Reading "Hercules' Quest"
  • Target Skill - Story Structure
  • Target Strategy - Questions
  • Vocabulary Strategies: Adages and proverbs
  • Spelling words are prefixes with re- un- and dis-
  • Writing - Understanding features of a story and how to construct a sentence


  • Chapter 1 Test
  • multiplication comparisons
  • understand place value to multiply tens, hundreds and thousands
  • continue Multiplication SuperBowl


  • Scientific Method
  • ways to collect data in experiments
  • ways to record data
  • how to use the data that is recorded

Contact Information

Please contact me with any ideas, concerns or needs.