Religious Beliefs of Egypt

By: Taylor Wilson and Alleinna Vaughan

What Was There Belief?

Egyptians worshipped many gods. They believed that the gods created the world. Most gods had human bodies and animal heads. They also believed that temples were the earthly homes of gods. Most temples stood for things such as great leaders or gods. Priests carried out special ceremonies to honor the gods in the temples.

What Did They View Of The Gods?

Different Gods represented different things. For example Osiris was the god of the underworld. Or Bes was the god of childbirth, humor and dance. During important ceremonies statues of the gods were carried in the middle of the festival and honored by the Egyptyians.

How Did Temples Play a Role in Religion?

Temples represented palaces or holy places because it was said that the gods visit there. Priests are allowed in the temples to "communicate" with the gods. The inner courtyards of the temples are meant for priests and prietsesess. The outer courtyard are for regular Egyptians to pray.

What Did They Look Like?

Temples were big and bold to honor the gods. Mostly priests go in the temples to communicate with the gods. Temples on the inside contained pictures of the gods and a certain type of writing called hierglyphics. These helped the priets communicate with the gods better. Inside temples were gifts given to the gods from Egyptians. People would try and steal these gifts because they were very precious.