Sunday, September 23 @ 4pm

Our Monthly Disciple-Shift Training is Resuming...

It's time to complete what we started. We will be resuming our Monthly Disciple-Shift Teaching on Sunday afternoons beginning Sunday, September 23. A couple of things to note about this year's meetings:

  • We will be starting this year with Week 7. If you have not been to a meeting or you are behind, you are still welcome to come. All the lessons can be found below in pdf format and you are encouraged to complete the ones you missed on your own.
  • We will be meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month.
  • We will meet in September and October, we will not meet in November or December, and we will resume in January and meet through May.
  • We will meet a little earlier, at 4pm, so there is no need to bring food. (you can bring snacks if you want)
  • We will not have childcare setup but you are welcome to use our facilities for childcare if you want to setup your own with a responsible 16 year-old teen or adult

What we ask of you is this...

  1. Come Consistently to our gathering on the 4nd Sunday evening of EVERY month. Block this time on your calendars for the rest of the year...yes, we believe it is THAT important.
  2. Arrive on time each week so we can begin at 4pm and end at 5:30pm.
  3. Come prepared with your homework (below) completed. Homework will take you 20-30 mins per day. (There are only 5 days per month.) It is suggested that you do one day a week with one week having 2 days’ work.
  4. Do not skip ahead to days or sections.
  5. Do not cram all the homework in right before coming next month.
  6. Register online every month so we can prepare. Just complete the form below.


If you were able to come to our last meeting or if you plan to join us for the next...YOUR HOMEWORK IS KEY TO UNDERSTANDING and PARTICIPATING. We want to grow you and teach you through this study, and time you spend at home is important to this process.

I have attached links below that will enable you to download the homework pages so you can complete them prior to our next meeting or you may choose to purchase your own workbook (recommended). If you purchase a workbook, please purchase one for each person attending the study. Sharing is not recommended...:)