L. C. Bird's Engineering Update

OPEN HOUSE - Special Edition

From the Coordinator...

Greetings, Prospective L. C. Bird Engineering Families!

We are excited to see that you're interested in our Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies and have found yourself here, looking for more information.

I hope that you enjoy this special edition of our Academy Newsletter that will include details about our center and ways to stay in touch for updates and reminders about the application process (see button below).

We hope that you can make it to our Open House on November 16th (this is a change!). This is our largest event where we welcome all interested 8th graders to L. C. Bird to hear from teachers, students, alumni, and parents about our Governor's Academy for Engineering. The event will be begin at 6:30 pm.

Please continue scrolling for all things, L. C. Bird Engineering!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason. I am easily reached by email (kathryn_clarke@ccpsnet.net), or by office phone (804-768-6110, ext. 3064).

Have a beautiful day,

Mrs. Katy Clarke

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What is Engineering?

Engineering is a field that requires math, science, art, and creativity to create something useful. It's based around solving future challenges, such as creating new and renewable energy sources, building infrastructure, programming improvements, solving environmental issues, and countless other meaningful solutions.

Our Mission

To provide a program of studies to EXPLORE a wide range of engineering fields, while BUILDING the core skills necessary to further one’s education in engineering. The academic curriculum is both RIGOROUS and centered around lab experiences to better prepare the students for the rapidly changing technologically based fields.

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The Goal

The goal of the center-based program is to provide:

  • An opportunity to take advanced classes in math or science.
  • A constant utilization of integrated computer skills.
  • A basis of practical understanding through an emphasis on design projects.
  • A detailed overview of expectations in a variety of engineering fields.
  • The opportunity for advanced credit for class work.
  • Field experience for an understanding of the correlation between class work and the work environment.
  • Information to help the students make a more informed decision on their future educational and career plans.

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As a result of the center-based program, our students will graduate with:

  • A technologically enriched background
  • An understanding of the various fields of engineering.
  • An appreciation of the correlation between classroom, lab, and field studies.
  • Greatly enhanced written and oral communication skills.
  • A solid basis of problem solving and teamwork skills.
  • A unique background that enables them to make a more informed choice about their future goals and provides them with an advantage over other students who would be entering the engineering education track at the college level, and taking engineering courses for the first time.

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College and Career Partners


FIRST Robotics Competition Team #346

We are the proud home of FRC Team #346 RoboHawks! Over 40 our academy students participate in this international organization. All students are welcome, regardless of skill level. Students in FRC work alongside professional mentors to conquer a new challenge each year. From programming, to mechanical, electrical, business development, team building and marketing. This organization does it all!
Robohawks FRC #346 - WVRoX Competition Aug 2022

Parent Organizations

Our academy is fortunate to have TWO parent booster organizations - "Rocket Boosters" and "Robohawks." The "Rocket Boosters" is the parent organization that plans social activities for our students throughout the year and helps the coordinator with academy events, service recognition, and Engineering Week outreach. The Robohawks specifically help support our Robohawks FRC team - fundraising, corporate sponsorships, mentors, and competition planning. Both organizations are an integral part of the Engineering Academy Community.

Comradery and Community

Peer Tutoring

We support our students with a robust Engineering Peer Tutoring organization. Students are referred as Peer tutors, and students sign up for the additional support. We're in it, together!

OPEN HOUSE - L. C. Bird Engineering

Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 6:30-8:30pm

10301 Courthouse Road

Chesterfield, VA

Come spend an evening with our academy teachers, students, alumni, and parents learning all about our program.

What's coming up

  • October 14th - Applications open in SchoolMint
  • November 16th {6:30 - 8:30 pm} - OPEN HOUSE
  • December 2nd - Application closes - School Mint
  • March 10th - Acceptance Offers Made - School Mint
  • March 15th - Event for Accepted and Waitlisted Students (by Invitation)
  • March 27th - Decisions Due - School Mint
  • April 17th & 18th - Virtual Scheduling Night
  • August 2023 - Summer teambuilding experience for the Class of 2027 (Details TBD)
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