A Peek at Our Week

October 16, 2015

Personal Power!

All super heroes need personal power! They must believe in themselves and find strength from the inside! We made our own personal power cards to remind us in times when we need a little support.

One of the wonderful books we read this week was The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. Through this story we explored perseverance, creativity, learning from our mistakes, noticing what works (not what is wrong - look on the bright side!), how a growth mindset helps us achieve our goals and the importance of accepting our best in the moment. And, how sometimes taking a break helps us move out of our frustration and anger and come back refreshed and ready to move forward.

Other books we explored this week...
Everyone Can Ride a Bicycle by Chris Raschka - Practice, determination, perseverance and support helps you reach your goals!
One by Kathryn Otoshi - Accepting each other's differences and how it sometimes just takes one voice to make everyone count and stand up for what is right.


We are adding machines!! Some are working on adding on a group of ten to a number (we are getting this fast since we are all masters in counting by tens!). Others are working on adding tens and ones with some regrouping (carrying) into the tens. We are doing this with the help of our base ten blocks or doing mental math and thinking about adding the extra ten to the other groups of ten.


Writing Workshop
We continue our focus on conventions that help us (and our readers) read our writing. Along with end marks we need a capital at the beginning! And, most importantly, spaces between words. Fortunately, I gave all the kids an endless supply of space so they will ALWAYS have it and never run out! Yay!

Word Work
We began our phonics and word study routines this week. Here's what different groups are working on...
  • Magic e with baby a- oh that bossy yet silent e making those babies say their name! Well, it is about time they grow up!!
  • Word families (-an, -ad) - we discovered different words (real and nonsense) that can be made when we combine different beginning sounds (onset) with word families (rimes). Investigating and experimenting onsets and rimes helps children recognize common chunks within words. This can help them decode new words when reading and spell words when writing.


This week we further investigated how our brain works, processes information, sends messages through the spinal cord and nerves...and how it can get confused sometimes!!

We played with our reaction time (catching a ruler with our fingers) to see the time it takes for a message to travel from the brain through the nerves to the muscles in the body and cause movement. Phew! That's a lot and all in a split of a second!!

We also had fun looking at optical illusions and how images can give a false impression and confuse our brain into incorrectly interpreting it to be something we have seen before. Or, how an image can make something seem one way when it really isn't! The kids were really excited to bring home the arches of the same size and maze in the mirror exercise! The maze was very tricky for us as the brain is confused between doing what the eyes are showing it and what it understands it should do (it knows everything is backwards in the mirror - but it is still confusing!!)!
We are moving onto our 5 senses (which we find continually brings us back to our brains!!) and our first stop is sight. Our eyes are so amazing! This week we learned about the parts of the eye and even ate an edible model of an eye. Ask your kiddo what parts of the eye they ate! What do they remember about the parts and how they work? What part of the eye makes the pupil change from small to big? What is the clear dome that protects the iris? How does the light and image we see get sent to the brain?

We also made our own old-school 3-D images - ask about how we did it and how it works. Each eye sees an image - one red, the other blue. Our brain must analyze two different colored images to create one image (stereoscopic vision - in case you were wondering!). For the blue image our brain will feel that the object is farther away and the red makes is feel closer. Put them together and you have a 3-D image!

Need a refresher on how our eyes work and the different parts? Here's a video we watched to help us learn about the parts of the eye and how they function.
How the Body Works - Eyes


Our dancing giraffes are up and doing their boogie! Check out what we LOVE to do that really makes us shine!

Biking the Chehalis Trail

What an awesome way to end our Fall Bike Week!! It was such beautiful day to spend the afternoon biking the Chehalis Trail. We biked between 2-6 miles. I loved overhearing the children comment as we returned..."That is the farthest I have ever gone!" "I didn't know I could ride that far!" A BIG thank you to all the adults who walked and biked with us and helped provide a safe and adventurous time for all. I don't think a single band-aid was needed!!

Friday Workshops

  • October 23rd - Sam, Gillian
  • October 30th - Laurel, Addy
  • November 6th - Sam, Oliver
  • November 13th - Gillian, Sam
  • November 20th - Oliver, Addy

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