Austinville Elementary School

September 14 - 25

Published Writers at Austinville!

In the spring, retired principal, Dr. Reba Wadsworth worked as a writing consultant for Austinville. With her help, students and teachers began a program called, "Being A Writer." Many of the students' writings completed during the second semester were shared in grade level data meetings with Dr. Wadsworth.

She and author, Lester Laminack have just finished their book, WRITERS ARE READERS. This book contains sample lessons, student writing samples and recommended texts for maximizing the flipped reading/writing concept across the school year. Dr. Wadsworth was thrilled to make use of some Austinville student writings for the book. She visited the school this week, bringing those published authors an autographed copy of WRITERS ARE READERS.

Before school was out in May, Dr. Wadsworth helped acquire journals for each third, fourth, and fifth grade student to record their summer writings. We hope to be training future authors!

Our Work Week!

Inspiring the Next Generation of Great Americans

Austinville students joined other area fifth graders recently and attended a kickoff for the Liberty Learning Foundation's Super Citizen Program. Liberty Learning Foundation was founded in 2010 with a mission of donating civic-based teaching tools to educators and facilitating learning experiences that teach, inspire and empower our Next Great Americans. The foundation implements exciting live performances and teacher training, then coordinates donors, volunteers, and press. Lessons in civics, character, financial literacy and American history create a road map for outstanding young citizens. Through in-depth learning, real-world practice and self-examination, students discover and define their important roles in America's future.

Mrs. Young's Grant Brings Art Therapist to Faculty Meeting

This past spring, Mrs. Beth Young, Austinville's art instructor received a grant to bring art resources to Decatur during the 2015-16 school year. On Monday, teachers from Austinville, Frances Nungester, and Walter Jackson met to hear art therapist, Mrs. Nancy Raia. It was an enjoyable hands-on, fun faculty meeting as teachers traded grading pens for paintbrushes. Thanks to Walter Jackson for hosting this event.

Meeting at the Flagpole ~ First Priority Students, FP Leaders and Austinville Teachers Begin Their Day with Prayer

First Priority students and Leaders were joined at the flagpole by Ms. Hales and some members of the faculty on Wednesday morning. Their choice: to begin their day with prayer. First Priority Bible Club is comprised of non-faculty adult leaders from community churches. The student members have been signed up by parents and meet each Wednesday. Teachers are welcome to attend the meetings. First Priority meetings are at 7:15 in the Library on Wednesdays.

Grandparents' Day Lunch ~ A Day for Family!

Mark Your Fall Calendars!

  • 29 Title I Meeting at 9:30 am
  • 29 Title I Meeting and Open House beginning at 5:30 pm
  • 29 Outdoor Classroom Fruits and Veggies Fundraiser In Front of the Office
  • 29 Outdoor Classroom Fall Picture Fundraiser $5 for a 5 x 7 (See Grandparents' Day)
  • 29 Shaved Ice Sales


  • 2 Club Day
  • 7 Yearbook Pictures
  • 12 & 13 Fall Holidays - Schools Closed
  • 16 Kindergarten Disney Field Trip
  • 22 Report Cards Go Home
  • 23 Jump Rope for Heart


  • 1 Daylight Savings Time
  • 6 Club Day
  • 11 Veteran's Day ~ Schools Closed
  • 20 Club Day
  • 25 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed
  • 26 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed
  • 27 Thanksgiving Holidays ~ Schools Closed