Ziggy and the plugfish

By Jonathan Harlen

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In this story there is giant plug fish as the title suggests. A plug fish is a giant plug. Basically it is the plug for the ocean when the plug comes out it starts to drain water dramatically


The plot is that ziggys parents get eaten by the plugfish and they go out to sea inside the plug fish and the army of America goes after ziggys parents to rescue them. The president goes on a rescue mission to save ziggys parents
Ziggy and the plugfish blurb

this website is basically the blurb and gives some info about ziggy and plugfish

Age Recomedations

I personally would recommend this book for ages 8-12 it has a exciting thrill for the younger years and has some seriousness for the older years. If you have a child that enjoys submarine and marine stuff in general this is the book for them, with submarines to deep sea diving this is sure to give them that thrill they have been waiting for !