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April 2020

Dear Young Scholar Family,

We are now into our fourth week of distance learning, and let's face it...this isn't easy.

Life as we knew it has changed, and every day brings new challenges. This month's newsletter will focus on two resources to help you meet some of those challenges.

Resource #1: Growth mindset and distance learning

In school, we talk a lot about growth mindset. Growth mindset is all about not giving up even when things are hard and seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn. It seems like if ever there was a time for growth mindset, it's now.

Take a look at the poster and download link below for some self-talk phrases that can help shift our brains toward a growth mindset.

Big picture

Resource #2: Visual Schedules

One of the hardest parts of distance learning can be organizing everyone's day. Balancing your needs with your Young Scholar's, as well as all the other moving pieces of your life, can be a real challenge.

The visual schedules linked below can be used to help your Young Scholar stay organized during distance learning.

Choose from the Kindergarten through 2nd grade or 3rd through 5th grade version. Download and print or simply use as a guide for creating your own schedule.

Also included below is a video overview of how the visual schedules can work.

Here are some tips when using these visual schedules:

  • Timing and activities are flexible depending on your child’s life that day.

  • Each visual schedule includes a list of ideas for brain breaks, quiet choice time and creative time.

  • Activities included in the schedule are a guide and are flexible depending on your family’s life that day. It may be helpful to add or remove activities based on your family’s needs.

  • Choose the schedule version that best supports your child and family routines during distance learning.

Elementary Visual Schedule Links

Elementary Visual Schedule for Distance Learning Parent Overview Video

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