10+2 Weekly Update


Electronic Friday Folder

The electronic Friday folder checklist is up and running! Very soon you will receive an email with a link to access your child's work habits checklist and comments. Please save this link as it can be used each week to view updated information. I have also attached a QR (quick response) code to each child's Friday folder. You can simply scan this code and it will direct you to the Google Spreadsheet where all of their behavior information is now stored. Each code is unique and you will only have access to your child's information. This is a new process so I greatly appreciate any insight or feedback. If you have a comment about your child's behavior or anything else you need to tell me feel free to send a comment via the box below, text, email, or call.

If you need help utilizing the QR code, check out these basic directions


The Amazing Human Brain

Over the past few weeks we have explored, discussed, and learned a great deal about the human brain. We have built neurons, identified anatomy and functions of various parts, introduced chemical messengers or hormones, and more.
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This week we wrapped up our study of the brain. We made brain hats, completed an egg drop competition, and worked on our final project.

In order to address the function of the skull and importance of protecting our brain we completed an egg drop challenge. The students loved designing and constructing their contraptions. They also loved watching gravity take effect as they plummeted toward the ground. It was a blast!

They also completed their brain project using a computer program called Adobe Spark. They were given a list of requirements and provided computer lab time to organize and design how they wished to share all they had learned. We look forward to sharing these finished products with you soon.

Egg drop

Free/Reduced Lunch

Please know you must reapply for free/reduced status each year. You must reapply before October 1 to remain eligible for free/reduced lunches. You can apply online. The process is quicker and the online and paper application have the same requirements. Visit http://www.cpsk12.org/nutrition to begin or to learn more about the online application process. Contact Nutrition Services if you are in need of assistance.

Stallion Stampede

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 5-7:30pm

2616 Shepard Boulevard

Columbia, MO

Please join us for our annual fundraiser. The event will include food, games, silent auction, entertainment and more. Hope to see you there!