Nest Smoke Detector-Worth Buying?

Nest Wireless Smoke Alarms Are a Game Changer

Nest Smoke Detector

Nest Wireless Smoke Detector Report

A smoke detector is a tool that detects smoke, usually as a sign of fire. Commercial safety devices send an indication to a fire alarm control board as a component of a fire alarm system, whereas domestic detectors, called smoke alarms, usually issue a local visual or audible alarm from the smoke sensor itself.

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These devices are usually accommodated in a disk-shaped plastic attachment, but the shape can differ by product line or manufacturer. Nearly all smoke detectors work either by physical process or by optical detection, whereas some others make use of both detection techniques to boost sensitivity to smoke.

What is a Nest smoke detector?

The Nest smoke detector is a smart smoke alarm, which is a product from Nest Labs. This device follows in the footsteps of the greatly successful, but now US-only, the Nest smart thermostat.

Design of the detector

The Nest smoke detector is available in two models, battery operated or wired, but most homes and offices use the battery operated version only. This device that is operated by a durable six AA-battery set, offers a continuous performance for five years, whereas the wired version comes with a three AA-battery set would operate during power failure only.

At first glance, the device could have come from Apple very easily. Like iPods and iPhones, this smoke detector comes in white or black, and it is a sweeping change from anything that came earlier.

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As such, the Nest Smoke detector dumps the customary round design of a smoke alarm for what is really a square with round corners and the textured finish of the product hides a commanding alarm, which manages 85 decibels. The Nest emblem in the centre is a round push button and around that button is an LED that changes color, according to the situation, such as:

  • Red indicates the alarm sound.
  • Blue indicates the status updates.
  • Yellow indicates a technical problem.
  • Green indicates that the device is in perfect working condition.

The motive behind these colors is to help the hearing impaired and it makes for a fashionable yet highly realistic feature. Ingeniously, the green light does not stay constantly, but instead, it glows in harness with a light detector, so it only glows for a short time when you switch off the lights at night to restore confidence that all is well.

More About The Nest Smoke Detector

What makes the Nest smoke alarm smart?

There is nothing cool in relation to safety. At its core, the Nest smoke detector is a stylish smoke and fire-sensing device, which is the least elegant thing in your home.

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Still, when Nest Labs that brought people the smart thermostat launched a fire alarm, it separated itself from its competitors by means of classy features, such as lighting your way during the darkness and a user-friendly app. It is the safety features, which make this smoke detector a worthy accumulation to the home.

The major beneficial feature of this detector is its Internet connectivity. The nest smoke detector has Wi-Fi, which allows it to report its condition remotely through a web browser or Android or iOS apps.

This updated carbon monoxide or fire detector makes use of a human tone to warn you calmly while the alarm is set to go off. The device repeats that it is there due to a useful night-light feature.

With the incorporation with the Nest Thermostat, Nest Cam, and others you may have mounted, the Nest smoke detector is an ideal device for anyone who would like to monitor their home constantly. Still, more significantly, it is a safer resolution than what you boast on the ceiling of your room right away.

This nest smoke detector is a sparkling part of hardware with a bright light ring and many small holes all through the device. Given the location of the device close to your home ceiling, all that fancy plan work would typically go unobserved until calamity hit or the battery required changing. However, that illuminated ring forces you to observe the device.

When you turned off the lights, the ring burns green subsequent to running a fast diagnostic scan. This nighttime beam show continues while the movement sensors sense movement, at which position the trail light will turn on and will fade away while you walk away.

The Nest smoke detector is easy to install, as well. For connecting the device to the Nest application, it needs checking a QR code that is located on the reverse of the detector. After you have accomplished that, you can easily drag a tab to turn it on, and you can couple it with your Smartphone and then choose a place where the nest smoke detector will reside in your house, such as the kitchen.

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If you have manifold Nest Protects, the user-friendly application will demand you to append all of the other Protects. The plan is that should you have manifold fire detectors in the home, they can also attach to the similar Nest Aware account and correspond through a mesh network, known as the Nest Weave. Suppose if the Wi-Fi in your home goes out of order, the mechanisms will still be capable of communicating with each other.

It comes with a long-lasting battery set that offers you a continuous performance for a minimum period of five years. Furthermore, it is also easy to change the batteries.

Pros of the detector

  • Fewer bogus alarms.
  • Works efficiently with other products of Nest to inform you when something goes wrong.
  • Manifold Protects can correspond to each other while the Wi-Fi goes out of order.
  • Offers alerts about the problems when you are away from your home.
  • Trail illumination feature will keep you from stumping your foot at night.

Cons of the product

  • A bit costly when compared to normal smoke detectors.


Although a bit costly, the Nest smoke detector is a solid accumulation to your home. It takes something as tedious as sensing the smoke and creates it somewhat exciting. Modernized sensors in the product decrease bogus alarms and are faster to decide when there is a problem.

The path light feature, user-friendly app and incorporation with other products of Nest have nice features, but it is the focus of the Nest Labs on safety, which makes the nest smoke detector worthy of the ceiling in your home.
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