The fall of the Roman Empire

Something about that period

  • Politics: they incrased the influence of army. They began to depend more on mercenaries.
  • Economy: There were fewer slaves. Ther was an important fall in production and trade.
  • Society: Urban life declined. They went to work on Villas. Villas were for rich people.


It was a monotheistic religion. They believed in only one god. Christians refused to worship the emperor. They practise religion in the catacombs because they were persecuted.
In 313 AD, the emperor Constantine make christianity the principal religion.
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Barbarian Invasions

Were invasions from Germanic people, they were called barbarians. Their migrations were caused by:
  • Population growth
  • Presure from other people further east
  • Roman emperors made a series of agreements
  • Western Roman Empire ended in the 5th century

Byzantine Empire

Th emperor Theodosius divided the Empire between his soons. Constantinople became his capital.